Baggage Claim

Part 1: Claim It - Rodney Anderson

It's no secret that we all have baggage. But why does it matter? The baggage of our past has the ability to weigh us down…it can break down relationships and steal our happiness. In Part 1 of this series we'll look at how to identify the baggage of our past. 

Part 2: Let It Go - Rodney Anderson

Once we have identified and defined the baggage of our past, what do we do with it? It's not our baggage that causes the problem, it's our response to it. In Part 2 of this series we'll talk about what to do with the baggage that weighs us down and steals our joy.

Part 3: Leverage It - Brent Shoemaker

Once we've identified, forgiven and lost the weight of our baggage…how do we move forward? In the final part of this series we'll look at how to best leverage the baggage of our past to impact others.