On Hold

Part 1: The Waiting Game - Rodney Anderson

It's hard enough to wait on the small things in life, but what do you do when God asks you to wait on the big things like a job, a group of friends or a relationship? In Part 1 of this series we'll take a look at the tension between us and God in seasons of waiting.

Part 2: Waiting Well - Brent Shoemaker

When we wait, we often feel like we're wasting time. But what if what you say is your biggest waste, God says is a great work in you? In Part 2 of this series we'll look at how we navigate this gap between our expectations and reality while we wait.

Part 3: Just Ask - Rodney Anderson

It's ok to ask God for things. In fact, He wants us to ask Him. But how do you prioritize what you ask for? In the conclusion of this series, we'll talk about the importance of asking God for the things we want, and what He does in the asking.