Singles Series

You’ve been there . . . sitting in a roomful of married people—maybe a boardroom, birthday party, or family get-together—and no one gets it. No one really understands what it’s like to be you.

Singles Series is the exact opposite. Imagine sitting in a roomful of almost 2,000 single adults and knowing, I am not alone. Not alone with your fears, your experiences, your disappointments, or your victories.

Singles Series is an opportunity to worship with single adults from all six of our local churches, as well as to hear helpful and relevant content for navigating the road ahead. The Series happens nine times a year at 7:30 p.m. in the Buckhead Church auditorium. Don’t miss our next Series: 

A three-part Series spotlighting stories of people living out their faith in unique ways.

Tuesday, May 16 - Spotlighting author, podcaster, and speaker Science Mike as he tells his story as well as explores the intersection of science and faith. 

Tuesday, May 23 - Spotlighting how one simple act changed the trajectory of a life and is now making a real impact on the sex industry in our city. 

Tuesday, May 30 - Spotlighting the stories behind the songs from several of your favorite worship leaders.

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