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Be a Better Me

Part 1: Be Present - Rodney Anderson

Culture tells us that we constantly have to be better, faster and stronger than the next guy… and while it's true that we all want to be a better version of ourselves, what does God say about it? In Part 1, we'll talk about what it looks like to be fully present.

Part 2: Be Yourself - Sue Bates

Does it ever feel like childhood was the last time you were able to fully be yourself? In Part 2, we'll take a look at the reasons we often find ourselves in the image management business, and we’ll talk about what it looks like to truly be yourself.

Part 3: Be Still - Brent Shoemaker

Society often dictates that to be better we have to do more and be more… but what if God is telling us just the opposite? In the conclusion of this series, we'll take a look at how we can be still in order to hear God's voice.