Singles Gatherings Project Manager

Purpose Statement:

To create an appealing, engaging, and healthy environment for single adults to connect relationally through the logistical and leadership support of Singles Gatherings

Reports to:

Director of Singles Ministry

Required skills and qualifications

  • Education: bachelor's degree or higher
  • Specific skills 
    • Volunteer management
    • Event planning
    • Budget management
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office
    • Strong written communication skills
    • Detail-oriented
    • Strong interpersonal skills
  • At least two years of experience
  • Technical expertise: graphic design is a plus.


Singles Gatherings Leaders

  • Recruit 30-45 Singles Gatherings leaders per cycle (three times per year).
  • Develop and equip leaders.
  • Work with the Singles Gatherings team to create programming and content for Leader Labs, leader kick-off events, and leader appreciation events.
  • Attend as many Singles Gatherings as possible to observe the environments as a leader and as a participant.

Singles Gatherings Logistics

  • Manage Singles Gatherings registration and email inquiries from up to 1,000 Singles Gatherings participants.
  • Work with Singles Gatherings team to create and implement written programming, promotional materials, and email content.
  • Work with Marketing Director to implement marketing plan for Singles Gatherings.
  • Provide administrative support for projects related to Singles Gatherings (Web development, branding, follow-up surveys, etc.).
  • Be responsible for general communications related to Singles Gatherings, including inquiries by phone, email, Web, and Guest Services.

Singles Team Responsibilities

  • Provide day-of support for Singles Series and Singles Events.
  • Perform other duties for Singles Ministry as needed

Work Schedule:

Full-time; Sunday–Thursday