Singles Gatherings FAQs


Do I need to register?

Yes. Registration is required. Registration will open approximately three weeks prior to the beginning of the Singles Gatherings cycle. Gatherings fill on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can I register for more than one?

No. We ask that each person register and participate in only one Gathering per cycle in order to ensure that we have enough openings for everyone who would like to participate.

Is there a waitlist?

No. However, you are welcome try a different Gathering when the next cycle comes around.

Can I bring my child(ren)?

No. The majority of Singles Gatherings are for adults only. However, they do qualify for Childcare Reimbursement

Why are Singles Gatherings organized according to age ranges?

In our experience, people connect best with others who are similar to them in age and life stage. We hope your Gathering will connect you with your peers. We provide a variety of age ranges and Gatherings options for each age; please be honest and respectful of these designated ranges when you register.

When will Singles Gatherings take place in 2018?

The winter cycle will run from February 17–March 18 and the fall cycle will run from September 15–October 7. There will not be a summer Singles Gatherings cycle in 2018.